Lights….. and…. Play………..

Designing State of the art theatre in the constantly changing city of Skyscrapers.

We did not just design a theatre but a legacy towards art and culture in the city of skyscrapers. Designing & Constructing can be a tad difficult when everything in the city is so beautiful and huge, even we couldn’t believe we could pull something off like this in such record time.

We build to stay, We build to stand out.


Brooklyn Paramount Theatre – New York

We provided steel detailing service for this project. We accomplished this project within just 32 days. Total 6 Levels Project.

This project included a performance platform(stage), Lighting supported framing, and MEP Framing, with moment connections.

Everything is supposed to be perfect at a theatre is what we have achieved in our years of experience: perfect lighting, perfect sound, perfect materials to provide a grand experience to the audience visiting the theatre. Don’t take us for the words we speaks, just ask our clients. They will never have less than praises for us that is what we guarantee before undertaking the project

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