Stair Towers Design

Let’s count the steps to new heights and take a leap towards achievements. Determining the location and size of the stair tower & consideration factors such as the size and layout of the building, the number of floors, and the location of the stair tower in relation to other spaces. Designing the layout of the stair tower, including the number and width of the stairs, the size of the landing areas, and the height of the tower was done by MechCiv Designers.

A workflow was determined to complete this project in record time and achieving the project well within the deadline

Stair Tower – AUSTRALIA

MechCiv provided steel detailing services for this project. We completed this project in just 24 days. The main key point of this project is this whole tower is welded in the workshop & directly installing it on site. The height of the tower is 10.3m. which includes beams, columns, stairs, handrails, bracings & pipe supports, etc. The types of materials will be used for the stairs, such as concrete, wood, or metal was provided by MechCiv Designers. Details such as handrails, balusters, and other safety features to the design were also provided. Sections and elevations of the stair tower to show the detailed design of the space was provided as well to the client.

3D was used modeling to create a virtual tour of the stair tower, so you can see how the design will look in a realistic setting.


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