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Structural steel detailing services in USA

Our experienced team of experts specializes in providing accurate and reliable solutions for structural shop drawings, steel drafting, structural steel detailing, steel fabrication drawing, and shop drawings.
With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we ensure that every project is executed to perfection, meeting the specific requirements of our clients. Contact us today.

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    What is Steel Detailing?

    Steel detailing involves creating detailed plans, drawings, and designs for steel fabrications. It provides the necessary specifications for manufacturing and erecting various steel components in large structures such as buildings, bridges, and industrial plants.

    Why is Steel Detailing important?

    • Steel detailing is crucial for ensuring the durability and structural integrity of major projects.
    • It helps structures withstand the test of time, natural disasters, and avoid the risk of collapse.
    • Structural steel, known for its strength and reliability, is commonly used in constructing high-value buildings like commercial complexes and residential properties.

    What sets MechCiv Designers apart? 

    • The team at MechCiv Designers consists of highly trained and experienced TEKLA steel detailers and engineers.
    • They have collaborated with architects and constructors worldwide, offering practical technical skills and expertise.
    • Outsourcing engineers from MechCiv Designers helps alleviate workload commitments and ensures access to the best engineering talent.

    What tools and software are used in Steel Detailing?

    • MechCiv Designers employs the latest tools and software, including AutoCAD, Advance Steel, TEKLA Structures, ProSteel, and more.
    • This ensures precision and efficiency in performing various structural engineering tasks associated with steel detailing services. 

    What additional expertise does MechCiv Designers offer?

    • In addition to steel detailing, MechCiv Designers specializes in various aspects of metal building materials.
    • They are experts in providing finishing touches to steel staircases, fabricating ladders and stairs, installing railings and guardrails, and designing pipe and racks.

    Our comprehensive range of steel detailing services includes:

    These services encompass the entire lifecycle of a steel detailing project, ensuring accurate and reliable deliverables while maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations. We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our valued customers.

    • Structural Steel Detailing [Steel Detailing, Steel Drafting]
    • Structural 3D Modeling
    • Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM)
    • Shop / Fabrication Drawings [Column, Beam, Stair, Brace, Ladders, Handrail, etc
    • Miscellaneous Metal Detailing
    • Tekla Steel Detailing
    • 2D CAD drafting services for Mechanical, Architectural, Structural, MEP services & Civil Engineering
    • 3D Modeling
    • Migration across latest 2D or 3D CAD platforms
    • Conversion of PDF/TIFF to *.DWG format
    • Conversion of Paper Drawings or Sketches to digital formats
    • 2D details from 2D assemblies or vice versa
    • Cost Analysis
    • Engineering Change Request (ECR)
    • Connection Sketches
    • Steel Connection Design
    • Single Part / Fittings Drawings
    • General Arrangement / Erection Drawings for Connections
    • Clash Detection and Resolution
    • As-Built Drawings
    • Steel Detailing for Retrofit and Renovation Projects
    • Embedment Plans
    • Steel Component Identification and Marking Plans
    • Material Requisition and Procurement Support
    • Welding and Bolt Summary
    • CNC Data for Fabrication Equipment
    • Revit Integration for BIM Collaboration
    • Steel Structure Coordination with other Trades
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Processes
    • Project Coordination and Collaboration with Architects and Engineers
    • Compliance with Local Building Codes and Regulations

    Industry we serve

    We leverage our experience, industry knowledge, and attention to detail to deliver steel detailing services that meet the highest standards. MechCiv Designers is committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions to our clients across various sectors, contributing to the success of their projects.

    At MechCiv Designers, we take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in providing steel detailing services across a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive solutions cater to diverse sectors, ensuring that we meet the unique needs and requirements of each industry. Here are some of the industries we serve:

    Residential, Commercial, and Hotel Building

    Our steel detailing services play a crucial role in the construction of residential buildings, commercial complexes, and hotels. We provide precise and accurate detailing solutions to ensure the structural integrity and safety of these structures.


    We understand the importance of detailed steel designs in interior spaces. Whether it’s for retail outlets, office spaces, or hospitality establishments, our steel detailing services contribute to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of interior environments.

    Architectural Drafting

    Architects rely on our steel detailing expertise to bring their vision to life. We collaborate closely with architectural firms to create detailed drawings that accurately represent the design intent while considering structural requirements and material specifications.

    Road, Infrastructure, and Utilities Engineering Services

    From bridges and tunnels to highways and utilities, our steel detailing services support the construction of vital infrastructure projects. We ensure precise detailing of steel components to meet the stringent requirements of these projects.

    Engineering Drafting and Industrial Projects

    With expertise in engineering drafting across mechanical, civil, and electrical sectors, we offer detailed drawings for seamless integration in engineering projects. Our steel detailing solutions excel in industrial projects, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories, ensuring efficient steel structures.

    Educational and Institutional Facilities

    We support the construction of educational institutions, hospitals, research centers, and other institutional buildings with our steel detailing services. Our detailed drawings contribute to the safe and functional environments necessary for these facilities.

    Cost-Effective & High-Quality Solutions

    Outsourcing steel detailing services enables USA companies to optimize resources, access skilled professionals, and enhance project efficiency. By leveraging the advantages of outsourcing, companies can remain competitive while concentrating on core business objectives.

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Save costs by outsourcing steel detailing services, reducing overhead expenses and optimizing project budgets.

    Access to Skilled Professionals

    Partner with experienced providers to gain access to highly skilled experts who ensure accurate and efficient steel detailing deliverables.

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Adapt to project requirements with ease by leveraging the scalability and flexibility offered by outsourcing, without the need for extensive hiring or infrastructure investments.

    Focus on Core Competencies

    Outsource steel detailing tasks to focus on core competencies and strategic objectives, maximizing business growth and competitive advantage.

    Streamlined Workflow

    Benefit from streamlined workflows and improved project management with a dedicated outsourcing partner, ensuring effective communication and timely delivery.

    Enhanced Quality and Accuracy

    Reputable outsourcing providers prioritize quality control processes, delivering accurate and high-quality steel detailing that meets international standards.

    Process We Use for Structural Detailing

    The process we follow for steel detailing at MechCiv Designers is designed to ensure seamless project management and deliver high-quality drafting and design services. Here are the key steps involved:
    Project Planning Icon Image
    Project Planning

    During this phase, you provide us with project information and the specific type of drawings required. We conduct a consultation and assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire drawing process. You will also receive a quote for the services.

    Drafting Compass Icon Image

    Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements and the contract is signed, our team begins transforming your sketches into precise and effective CAD drawings. We employ advanced software and techniques to ensure accuracy and attention to detail.

    Review Icon Image

    We maintain continuous communication with you throughout the drawing process to ensure that the desired level of detail is achieved. Your feedback and input are incorporated into the drawings, and any necessary corrections are addressed at this stage.

    Delivery Icon Image

    After all the reviews and corrections, we can deliver you the formats required for your drawings, as established in the project planning phase through secured file transfer arrangement. Several quality control procedures will take place before the final delivery.


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