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Harbour Crossing Tolling Gantry in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. We have delivered multiple projects in Australia most of them in public for public use. This specific project needed extreme precision due to the nature of traffic passing by. All the project detailing, complications, etc was completed within 21 days of starting the project.

List of materials, size etc was provided to the client by MechCiv Designers LLP. Lane dips, toll plazas, gantry cranes, bomb carts, tractor trailers, yard hostlers, special chassis, and all other cross-sectional changes was provided by MechCiv Designers as well.

Harbour Crossing Tolling Gantry – AUSTRALIA

We provided our steel detailing services for this project. We completed this project in record 21 days. We provide anti-climbing Framing with mesh, gantry steel, Cage Ladders, Aluminium Sliding panels, handrails, Self-closing doors, & More. As simple as this sounds it can be a little complicated when heavy traffic is constantly passing by. We knew what we had to achieve with this, A SAFE HARBOUR CROSSING TOLLING GANTRY. Contact us to know more about of such projects

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