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In an industry as dynamic and competitive as construction, understanding the best practices and emerging trends is crucial. To bring you invaluable insights, we embarked on an extensive journey, interviewing key personnel from 22 anonymous companies across the USA and Australia. These companies, diverse in their projects and expertise, have one thing in common: they’ve turned to outsourcing as a strategic tool in their operations, particularly in the realm of steel detailing.

This blog compiles their experiences, learnings, and the reasons behind their strategic choice to outsource. Each conversation was a treasure trove of practical wisdom, shedding light on how outsourcing has transformed their business processes, efficiency, and bottom line. 

By anonymizing their identities, we ensured candid and honest sharing, allowing us to delve deep into the realities of the construction industry. This blog is more than just a collection of opinions; it’s a comprehensive guide, distilled from real-world experiences, to help you understand the why and how of outsourcing in construction. 

Whether you’re a seasoned industry player or a newcomer, the insights shared here are poised to offer you a fresh perspective on optimizing your operations. So, dive in as we unravel the collective wisdom of these 22 companies, and discover how you can leverage outsourcing to revolutionize your construction projects.

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Outsourcing in Construction: The Game-Changer for Structural Steel Detailing

The construction industry is continuously evolving, with companies constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality. A strategic approach that has gained traction is the outsourcing of specific tasks, notably structural steel detailing. This blog delves into the multifaceted benefits and strategic advantages of outsourcing, focusing on various aspects like steel detailing, 3D modeling, and more.

1. Structural Steel Detailing

Outsourcing structural steel detailing, which encompasses steel drafting and creating detailed drawings, offers numerous benefits. A construction firm in the Midwest, for instance, reported a significant improvement in project timelines after outsourcing this task. The specialized skills of the outsourced team meant that complex detailing was completed with higher accuracy, reducing the need for costly revisions. This shift not only improved their project efficiency but also enhanced their overall financial outcomes by cutting down on delays and rework expenses.

  • Impact on Project Management: Outsourcing steel detailing streamlines project management. With detailed drawings being handled by experts, project managers can focus on other critical aspects of construction.
  • Guaranteed Precision: Outsourcing partners specialize in steel detailing, which means they bring a level of precision that is hard to match in-house.
  • Adherence to Project Specifications: Outsourcing companies are adept at following specific project requirements, ensuring all detailing aligns perfectly with the project’s needs.
  • Cost-Effective: It reduces the need for an in-house team, cutting down on staffing costs and resources.
  • Access to Specialized Skills: Outsourcing gives you access to professionals with specialized skills in steel detailing who are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.

2. Structural 3D Modeling

The move to outsource structural 3D modeling is another strategic decision reaping rewards. An anonymous high-rise construction project in Australia experienced a transformative change in their design phase. The 3D models provided by their outsourcing partner enabled them to visualize the complete structure, facilitating better decision-making and preemptive problem-solving.

By choosing to outsource:

  • Cost Savings: 3D modeling outsourced to skilled professionals can result in significant cost savings, as it reduces the likelihood of errors that lead to costly on-site changes.
  • Enhances Visualization: It provides a realistic view of the structural elements, helping stakeholders visualize the final structure.
  • Early Identification of Issues: Potential problems can be spotted and resolved early in the design phase, saving time and resources.
  • Improved Collaboration: 3D models are excellent tools for collaboration among architects, engineers, and constructors.
  • Flexibility in Design: Allows for easy modifications and adjustments before the actual construction begins.

3. Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM)

An ABM is crucial for accurate material estimation. By outsourcing ABM preparation, companies have reported better budget management. For example, a bridge construction project in the USA managed to reduce material wastage and optimize procurement, thanks to the precise material lists provided by their outsourcing partner.

By outsourcing ABM creation:

  • Precise Material Estimation: Ensures an accurate calculation of materials needed, which is crucial for budgeting and planning.
  • Cost Control: Helps in maintaining control over project expenses by preventing over-ordering or under-ordering of materials.
  • Efficiency in Procurement: A well-prepared ABM streamlines the procurement process, saving time and reducing the risk of over or under-ordering materials.

4. Shop/Fabrication Drawings

Outsourcing shop and fabrication drawings, including columns, beams, stairs, etc., has shown considerable benefits. A steel fabrication company noted that outsourcing these drawings increased their fabrication efficiency by ensuring that each piece was cut and assembled precisely as per the design, reducing fabrication errors.

Outsourcing this service:

  • Ensures Accuracy: Accuracy in fabrication drawings is non-negotiable, and outsourcing partners bring a high level of expertise to these detailed drawings.
  • Compliance with Standards: Outsourced professionals ensure that all drawings comply with the relevant fabrication standards and norms.
  • Timely Delivery: Helps in meeting project timelines by ensuring timely delivery of accurate fabrication drawings.
  • Specialized Expertise: Outsourcing partners often have specialized expertise in creating detailed fabrication drawings, which is crucial for complex structures.

5. Tekla Steel Detailing

Tekla Structures is renowned for its robust detailing capabilities. Outsourcing Tekla steel detailing has allowed companies to produce detailed, high-quality models and drawings. A commercial building project in Europe highlighted how outsourcing Tekla detailing led to better integration with BIM, enhancing overall project coordination.

Outsourcing Tekla steel detailing:

  • Provides High-Quality Models and Drawings: Ensuring that the detailed work is accurate and of high quality.
  • Access to Expert Tekla Users: Professionals adept in Tekla can produce better results in less time.
  • Integrates with BIM: Outsourcing Tekla detailing aids in seamless BIM integration, enhancing overall project coordination.
  • Access to Advanced Technology: Outsourcing provides access to the latest versions of Tekla, allowing companies to benefit from advanced features without direct investment.

6. 2D CAD Drafting Services

Outsourcing 2D CAD drafting for various disciplines like mechanical, architectural, structural, MEP, and civil engineering has shown to improve the overall design quality. A residential project in California utilized outsourced CAD services, leading to more accurate and detailed designs, which facilitated smoother on-site execution.

Versatility and Time-saving: Outsourcing CAD drafting services offer versatility and save significant time, allowing in-house teams to focus on core construction activities.

7. 3D Modeling

Encompassing the entire construction project, outsourcing 3D modeling:

  • Enhances Overall Project Coordination: By providing a comprehensive view of all project elements.
  • Improves Planning and Execution: Detailed 3D models aid in better planning and execution of construction projects.

8. Migration Across Latest 2D or 3D CAD Platforms

Outsourcing this migration:

  • Ensures Access to Latest Technologies: Without the need for significant investment in new software.
  • Keeps Drawings and Models Updated: Ensuring compatibility with new software and technologies.

9. Conversion of PDF/TIFF to .DWG Format

Outsourcing this conversion:

  • Ensures Quick and Accurate Conversion: Essential for maintaining up-to-date digital records.
  • Facilitates Easy Access and Sharing: Converted files are easier to access, share, and integrate into various phases of the construction process.

What are the Challenges and how to Overcome Them

Despite these benefits, outsourcing comes with its challenges, such as communication barriers, time zone differences, and quality control issues. We have overcome these by establishing clear communication protocols, choosing outsourcing partners in compatible time zones, and setting stringent quality standards and regular check-ins.

Aligning with Industry Trends

Outsourcing in structural steel detailing aligns with broader industry trends such as digitalization, lean construction, and the increasing adoption of BIM. It positions companies to stay competitive and adaptable in a rapidly changing industry.

In summary, outsourcing in structural steel detailing and related services offers construction companies a strategic advantage. It not only enhances efficiency and reduces costs but also allows access to specialized skills and advanced technology. As the construction industry continues to evolve, outsourcing stands as a key player in shaping its future landscape.

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