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Precast Detailing Services

Our fundamental concept and emphasis at MechCiv Designers is on providing the best possible service to our clients and adding value to each precast concrete detailing project through our speedy and accurate services. The focus is on designing and fabricating structures that can be utilised as reusable moulds for making concrete members.

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    As Steel Structural Consultant, we have a team of passionate, dynamic, and skilled experts in sum for effective results. Essentially, the customers across the globe consistently request our regarded Structural Designing and Detailing, Rebar itemizing administrations in generally serious.

    Welcome to MechCiv Designers, one of the leading precast detailing services providers in India serving its clients globally. The company is having a team of renowned precast engineers who adhere to follow all necessary standards and international codes that makes the precast concrete wall panels details work easier, simpler, and faster.

    The modern construction era demands work that is done sophistically and considering the current market trends. The work of precast panel detailing or precast concrete detailing is the set of work that is cast in a reusable mold/form which at the later stage is cured within a controlled factory environment. We at MechCiv Designers assist the team of contractors and sub-contractors in providing accurate and perfect precast shop drawings that communicate the information as to in what size and shape these panels need to be created.

    Moving further, the use of precast concrete wall panels connection details services helps in transporting the panels to the construction site and later jacked into place. Nowadays the undertaking of precast detailing services is known for its common use and that too for the building materials globally. Not only this but the use of precast concrete detailing services opens up a wide array and range of possibilities for the stakeholders, contractors, designers, contractors, and sub-contractors with the option that gives lifelong details of the building life cycle.

    Precast concrete wall panels details are custom made in all shapes & sizes, and forms. These are the panels that are either in the form of vertical and horizontal steel-reinforced concrete ribs, while some of them are simply created with the use of solid precast concrete panels using simple material that is none other than cement. With having an in-house team of precast engineers we are having good expertise in providing one of the best and most feasible precast concrete detailing services / Precast Panel Shop Drawings for all precast types.

    Speak to our experts today to outsource your precast detailing services with the assurance of 100% customer satisfaction and data-driven information that is related to the modern construction world.

    MechCiv Designers believe in generating ideas and participating in regular discussions with our customers, to provide excellent designing plans and drafting support administrations. Our abilities can match the needs of our customers.  Our Mechanical Services offer Mechanical Drafting ServicesSheet Metal Design Services3D Modeling ServicesProduct Design ServicesPipe Design Services, and CAD Conversion Services. Our Structure Engineering Services offers Structure Designing ServicesStructure Steel DetailingSteel Shop DrawingRebar Detailing ServicesPrecast Panel Detailing, and Steel Fabrication Drawing services. We simplify our services to fit and adapt to their ever-changing requirements. Contact MechCiv Designers now to get a free quote related to our services. We will be happy to help you.


    We Offer

    • Precast panel detailing
    • Beam Detailing
    • Column Detailing
    • Quantity Take-offs
    • Flat Slab Detailing
    • Hollow Core slab Detailing
    • Precast Stair Detailing
    • Bar Bending Schedules


    We Have

    • Residential & Commercial Buildings
    • Parking Structures
    • Bridges
    • Retaining walls
    • Foundations
    • Culverts
    • Sound Walls
    • Warehouses


    We Serve

    • Precast Shop Drawings
    • Fabrication drawings
    • Set out Drawings
    • Mark up Plan
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • Erection Drawings
    • Panel Connection Details
    • Site/ Factory Procurements
    • Unitechnik/Machine files

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    Why to Choose MechCiv Designers for Structure Designing Services
    Technology – It is critical to stay up with the newest technological advancement in order to achieve the greatest results, and we have always worked with the most recent version of the software to achieve exceptional outcomes.

    Support – A single point of contact is allocated to a project, with easy communication between fabricators, construction managers, and designers.

    Professionals – Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen are allocated to a specific research and development team based on the project need.

    Affordable Pricing – Our aim is to provide quality services to our customers at reasonable prices with the best output.

    Customer Satisfaction – 100% customer-oriented and data-driven assistance for the work with Cost-effective and Time-Saving.

    Security – We value our clients’ and workers’ privacy, thus we implement strong confidentiality policies at the organizational and commercial levels to ensure the security of all types of data.

    Quality Services – For error-free output, regular status updates are supplied as per the client’s request.

    Trustworthy – Building and sustaining relationships with design experts requires the establishment and maintenance of trust.

    Effective Workflow -MechCiv Designers has organized the easiest and most effective working process, that delivers the best services to customers globally.

    Team – Each project is carried out by our expert team of Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen.

    List of International Standards and Codes
    AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

    ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials

    ACI – American Concrete Institute

    CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

    RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

    BS – British Standard

    IS – Indian Standards

    AS – Australian Standards

    AISC– American Institute of Steel Construction

    AWS – American Welding Society

    NISD – National Institute of Steel Detailing

    CISC – Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

    ASI – Australian Institute of Steel Construction

    EU – Euro Codes and British Standard Codes

    Client Testimonials

    "MechCiv Designers have a team of skilled structural steel detailers, assisted us in keeping all of our clients. From the beginning of our collaboration, this incredible crew completed all of my tasks."



    "Your work has impressed me a lot. All of the drawings were precise and comprehensive enough to assist me in my work. I hope to do more business together in the future."


    Project Manager

    "I like your strong attention to detail and to finishing the project on a committed timeline."



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