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MechCiv Designers is the world’s fastest growing engineering consulting firm. We have effectively established ourselves as a dynamic engineering sector that offers more creative solutions in response to customer requests and expectations.

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    About MechCiv Designers

    MechCiv Designers were founded by two active and motivated Engineers, to create an atmosphere where excellent engineering is supplied through automation. They advance the organization with their experiences. MechCiv Designers is a booming company that provides excellent design and detailing solutions all around the world. So, our extensive technical expertise and leadership abilities provide tremendous value to any project on which we work. Our team of Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen has the knowledge and capabilities to handle any complicated project, wherever in the globe. Their knowledge and mastery in their particular fields of specialty are commendable, and they help the company achieve remarkable success. In MechCiv Designers, systematic exchange of information and process perfection are continual processes.

    MechCiv Designers provides Mechanical Services like Drafting Service, Product Design Service, Sheet Metal Design Service, CAD Conversion Service, 3D Modeling Service. But, we believe in generating ideas and engaging in communicating regularly with our clients to provide quality engineering design and drafting support services. At Steel Structural Consultant, we have highly energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, and skilled professionals for stunning and intelligent results in any of the services. Simply, the clients across the globe always ask for our esteemed Structural Designing & Detailing, Rebar detailing services in the most competitive pricing in time-bound and quality Services. We simplify our services to fit and adapt to their ever-changing requirements.



    Clients are served with the goal of providing engineering designing services with innovation and latest technology



    To be the better in innovation with enhancement of our services as per new era



    Maintain Consistency of precise work and fulfill client’s requirement in committed time frame

    “We deliver cost-effective and error-free output with all necessary sets of international codes, standards, and software in an effective time frame.”

    Our Working Process

    For project executives, we use the best project practice methodology, which will be simple and dynamic from the start to the end. We have updated and adjusted the framework to fit our exceptional cycles and rules in light of our industrial expertise while tolerating the main structure of the framework.

    Why To Choose MechCiv Designers

    It is critical to stay up with the newest technological advancement in order to achieve the greatest results, and we have always worked with the most recent version of the software to achieve exceptional outcomes.
    A single point of contact is allocated to a project, with easy communication between fabricators, construction managers, and designers.
    Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen are allocated to a specific research and development team based on the project need.
    Affordable Pricing
    Our aim is to provide quality services to our customers at reasonable prices with the best output. 
    Customer Satisfaction
    100% customer-oriented and data-driven assistance for the work with Cost-effective and Time-Saving.
    We value our clients’ and workers’ privacy, thus we implement strong confidentiality policies at the organizational and commercial levels to ensure the security of all types of data.
    Quality Services
    For error-free output, regular status updates are supplied as per the client’s request.
    Building and sustaining relationships with design experts requires the establishment and maintenance of trust.
    Effective Workflow
    MechCiv Designers has organized the easiest and most effective working process, that delivers the best services to customers globally. 
    Each project is carried out by our expert team of Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen.

    International Standards

    American Society for Testing and Materials
    American Concrete Institute
    Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
    Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario
    British Standard
    Indian Standards
    Australian Standards
    American Institute of Steel Construction
    American Welding Society
    National Institute of Steel Detailing
    Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
    Australian Institute of Steel Construction
    Euro Codes and British Standard Codes

    Client Testimonials

    "MechCiv Designers have a team of skilled structural steel detailers, assisted us in keeping all of our clients. From the beginning of our collaboration, this incredible crew completed all of my tasks."



    "Your work has impressed me a lot. All of the drawings were precise and comprehensive enough to assist me in my work. I hope to do more business together in the future."


    Project Manager

    "I like your strong attention to detail and to finishing the project on a committed timeline."



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